10 Kitchen Cleaning Tips for You

The kitchen is one place that is bound to get messy, however alert we are while working in it. But the kitchen needs to be the cleanest of all the rooms since it directly affects the health of the entire family. The daily mess in the kitchen needs rigorous cleaning in order to prevent the spread of any diseases or illnesses. If you are thinking to clean up your kitchen, it can turn up to be a very tricky task, if not taken care of or done in a right and proper manner.

The cleaning job seems to be so intimidating since you have a huge pile of dishes in the sink with the leftovers of the last night and their stinking smell and stains to fight with.

Read on to know 10 easy tips to clean your kitchen:

  1. Cleaning the stove is not an easy task. Read the manual thoroughly and then disassemble some of the components; soak them in hot water for some time. Then which with the help of a liquid detergent or a lemon based degreaser try and remove the stains. You will notice that the grime would come off after sometime and then you will just have to rinse the components once the water gets cold.
  1. Cleaning the oven is quite simple. Spray some dis-greaser inside it and then remove the settled in food and stains using a scrub pad. After that rinse it a bit and then wipe off gently with a soft cloth.
  1. Dishwasher cleaning is the simplest of all. All you have to do is sprinkle 2 table spoons of baking powder evenly through it. Then let it undergo a short cycle and let it dry for some time.
  1. Cleaning a microwave is a job that needs to be done with utmost care. Wipe it out from inside and outside using a soft cloth whereas the turntable can be pulled out and cleaned with the help of a dishwasher. Make sure that the turn table is completely dried up before putting it back.
  1. Empty the refrigerator to start with (take out all the food items) and then wipe it with the help of cloth dipped in a little soapy water. Once the soapy water has done its part, just use the plain water to make sure there is not soap left on the refrigerator.
  1. Counter Tops: Clear out everything and then wipe it down with disinfectants and followed by warm soapy water in order to get rid of the greasy stains, vinegar spots; table salt can also be used.
  1. Kitchen Floor: Mop it clean with soapy water and disinfectants. Also reach out to the nooks and corners for the hidden dirt and germs, especially underneath the counters and appliances.
  1. Cleaning up of drawers and cabinets should be done using a volatile cleaner which would not affect or harm the wood of the cabinets. Also spray some in the cupboards and drawers and leave them open after the process so they dry up completely.
  1. Electric chimney: May people of sceptical of cleaning a chimney by themselves. It can be an intricate process and one could hire a professional ion case they are not confident enough.
  1. Kitchen sink: Make sure not to leave the lines clogged using a strong cleaner which reacts with water and is washed away with water later on. Leave it overnight and clean it thoroughly in the morning.

Apart from these simple tips, also keep in mind that all the electrical appliances should be kept unplugged before initiating the cleaning procedure.