Guides to Grow Medicinal Plants in Vegetable Garden

Now a day’s many people prefer medicinal gardening than other type of gardening. As these herbs are essentials for the day to day life. Most of the herbs need very small space and one can grow many verities of the herbs in that small area. It adds flavours to ones table and these herbs attract butterflies, bees and birds and spreads fragrances to your landscape.

Preparing Herb plots:

Planting herbs needs well drained soil. Hence you have to modify the clay with the help of peat moss. While planting the herbs the best position is near the kitchen window as it is easy to access. This should be accompanied with adequate amount of sun light. To prepare the plot you have to remove all rocks and stones, as well as level it.

Once you decided the area for gardening purpose you have to plan the medicinal garden. Make sections of the available plot in diagram according to the adequate amount of water and sunlight. If the gardening plot is large make some walkway and keep space for the stepping stones. In this area plant taller herbs backside and shorter herbs in front side, it will be helpful in receiving sun light.

While planting herbs you may categorize them according to habits, or like colored flowers. For planning you have to consider the creping and trailing plants as they need less space or they can grow along fences, walls. Another characterization will be depending upon the survival. You may characterize them according to single seasoned and annual seasoned. For the convenience of mulching plant them separately.

After completion of the planning and diagram it’s the time to purchase herbs for your garden. While purchasing the plants you have to consider the life cycle of herbs. You may purchase slow growers like rosemary while other fast growing plants such as fennel from seed.

Another thing to keep in the mind is that purchase only healthy plants and keeps them separate for around 2-3 weeks before you are going to plant it. Along with this make sure that they are pest or disease free.